søndag 29. april 2012

(Rah, Rah, like a Dungeon) Dragon

Bought a new nailpolish a few days back: 475 "Dragon" by Chanel. I'm well aware that pastel is the "new" thing, but a perfect red never goes out of fashion. However I did buy some Essie polishes from their spring collection as well, just haven't gotten around to take pictures of it yet(it will come though). To be honest I'm at least as pleased with Essie as Chanel. Won't complain though, still loving my Chanel, it has just gotten some competition. 

Q: What's your favourite nailpolish brand?

Title: Roman's Revenge - Nicki Minaj, Eminem

søndag 15. april 2012

Beyond the sea

These pictures taken by Chris Nicholls for the May issue of the Canadian magazine Flare is simply breathtaking. Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs are among those who's lucky enough to be represented in this stunning editorial. What I love the most is the variations of fabric used to portay what's most likely supposed to be mermaids. My personal favourite would have to be the unique shorts and the blue dress sporting those huge pallets we've seen so much of lately. As I'm sitting here looking for summer destinations I can only dream about the sun kissed skin they all carry, but in two months or so ... oh who am I fooling, I'm still gonna be white as fuck.

Source: fashion gone rogue