lørdag 30. juni 2012

Leaving for Berlin

I am flying out to Berlin with a friend of mine today, for a week of vacation(and Berlin Fashion Week!!). Therefore I am not able  to post anything directly. However I have actually prepared a few posts which will appear while I am away, and it will be a lot more activity than usual on here to be honest. There will be outfit posts, a new blog series, instagram pictures, and much more to look forward to! I am not sure if I will be able to respond to your comments while I am away, however I look forward to reply to each and every single one of  them when I come back!  Have a great week, laters xx 

Photocredit: me

tirsdag 26. juni 2012

Pre-Berlin Excitement

[jacket:oasis, singlet:h&m, necklace: Arts and Crafts, skirt:zara, pumps: a store in London, can't remember its name] 

A normal casual but perhaps a bit preppy daywear. I'm one of those who love the classical style, but also the experimenting of fashion. Therefore my style is  a great mix of those.Also, I have to point out how  perfectly delicious it is to have vacation... really can't wrap my mind around it. Leaving for a week in Berlin this Sunday. Just in time for the EM finale and the Berlin Fashion Week. Would you believe me if I told you it's all a great coincidence?

søndag 24. juni 2012

Dark Dreams

Creativity, in its best form, only appears by night
Copyright: me, please ask for permission if you wish to use them ...

torsdag 21. juni 2012

Summer baby

I am trying to learn some of  the people around me about photo, but it is going a  bit slow, haha. So I am sorry on your behalf for the less awesome quality on my outfit posts. Lets all hope they improve soon.  

 [earpiece: cecilie melli, top: gina tricot, skirt: some random store in Turkey]
Finally done with school, and back blogging. I am wearing one of my favourite earpieces from a norwegian designer called Cecilie Melli. She will be featured here very soon. I hope you all enjoy the sun, but remember to stop by here from time to time as well.

If you want to check it out I am now on Instagram under the user: annieee1

fredag 8. juni 2012

Just turned 19

On the third of June I turned 19 years old, and decided to splurge on some basic items I have been craving for a while. The handpiece were a gift from my mom.

[Eyebrow and liner kit from The Body Shop]
This is actually me trying out something new, my eyebrows are normally completely natural. But I thought it would give my face a new look, withouth doing something drastically... so let's see how this goes.

[Levi's Curve ID: modern skinny jeans]
One thing I really needed was a pair of black skinny jeans, as I completely ripped my last ones apart in some unconvinient places by accident. These are from Levi's newest collection called curve ID. They come in many different varieties, to match your body shape. I have been wearing mine the last few days, and I am convienced there will be more shades of these jeans in my closet very soon.

 [Bjørg jewellery handpiece: "After Eden", Odyssey]  
The handpiece my mom bought me are from a Norwegian brand called Bjørg, which is known for stunning and unique jewellery pieces. They are featured in countless international fashion magazines, and is really something you should  keep you're eye on, as they just grow larger and larger.

 Still working on my final exams, but it's the run-up now... just a few days, and my summer will basically have started. Can't wait.

ps! I also got an iphone 4s(words can not describe how lucky I felt, I have the best parents), which means I can be found on instagram under the user "annieee1". The user is private, but I will accept you, so no worries. 


fredag 1. juni 2012

Aker Brygge - just stopping by

[Aker Brygge in the summer is quite stunning] 

[Singlet & bag: Zara, Jacket: Oasis, Wallet: Mango]
[flowers is one of those simply things, that can make a day so much better] 

I spent a few hours with a friend at Aker Brygge[one of my favorite spots in Oslo]. Still working on my final exams, as I have a few left... but I needed a break. I'm one of those whose constantly looking for some inspiring input in my everyday life. Which is one of the reasons I like reading blogs. It brightens my day, and make the boring stuff so much easier to do...