fredag 18. mai 2012

The 17th of May - National Day

 [Me as "Russ", a Norwegian graduation tradition]

 [Some berries and ice cubes can make a glass of water luxurious. And as it should be on the natonal day it wears the colour of red,white and blue]

The 17th of May is Norway's National Day. It's celebrated with school kids walking in front of the royal castle, and Oslo, the main capital, packed to the brim with people who wants  to catch the atmosphere. The entire day is really just a huge food orgasm. It starts with a champagne breakfast, and goes on to the sunrise next day. No need to say I had a good day, right

pictures: annie[me]
How do your country celebrate the national day?

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  2. beautiful combination of photos :)
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  3. lovely photos!! xoxo


  4. love water with flavour added in this natural way.x


    p.s. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.x

  5. I like your t-shirt!
    Thanks dear for your words about my new life in Mexico!

  6. Great post, love the colors!

  7. OMG you're from Norway! I <3 Scandinavia. I went to Oslo for the first time two years ago and it was so pretty (and expensive...). xx

    Thanks for the compliments :)

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  8. I hope you had the best time! The food does sound good... xx

  9. hahah a food orgasm sounds like my kind of day!!! i love the look as well, its rockin!


  10. Oooo the strawberries and blueberries in the water makes the water seem so much delicious! And yay happy national day :) following you too.

  11. Jeg gjorde INGENTING på 17 mai, haha.

  12. Fun t-shirt! That water looks and sounds absolutely delicious. Mmmm!

  13. Love the water idea...
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  14. Great festive outfit!! That water w/ berries looks delicious and refreshing :)

    <3 Denise

  15. Haha sounds like great way to spend a national day, and I love the outfit!
    That touch of the berries in water is genius

  16. That water looks so refreshing! I need to try this for the 4th of July!

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  19. That water looks really good. I'll have to try it when it gets warmer here. :)

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