tirsdag 15. mai 2012

Good Morning Love

Good Morning!
I literally just woke up from my nap - 10 hours. I guess I needed  some sleep... now however I'm all smiley 6 in the morning. Just ran down the street to pascal, and feel prepared for school like never before. I think I'll try to put in some time to watch the season finally of Gossip Girl as well[please no spoilers!] 
What is your plan for today?

Pictures: me

8 kommentarer:

  1. The season finale... is amazing. Just letting ya know! Glad you are well rested. (I wish I could say the same!)

    A Southern Drawl

  2. I love this post,the pics are so sweet,i like your blog so i am following you,i would really love if you could follow me back so we could keep in touch>:D<


  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos
    Ugh, Im so behind on gossip girl it actually hurts :( have fun!